Bird in our LR

We have a small bird- possibly a sparrow- trapped in our living room,  We'd like to catch and release.  Any help will  be greatly appreciated


how is it trapped, can't you just open a window or the door?  A few weeks ago, i walked and saw a bird perched on the vertical part of my indoor steps.  wasn't sure what it was at first as the head wasn't sticking out.  I nudged it with a stick and it flew out the door. 

i have no idea how it got in and I didn't notice until I came home or if it had just come in with me at that point.

maybe you can try putting something edible by the open/window door?  maybe some bread stuck on peanut butter (like the feeders kids make) or just the bread...

if its hurt, you can drop it off at raptures trust...the vestibule is open with heating pads under the cages.

If daytime, open a window.  Make other windows darker by pulling down shades / drapes, etc.  Bring into room and release a predator bird.  

It's trapped in that it's in the LR flying about.  It's active and doesn't appear injured in any way.  We have doors at the room entry that I've closed.  It keeps trying to fly upward and southward(?)- has hit the ceiling several times.

I'm sure I can make feed using sesame seeds and butter(?) to lure it to a place where I could catch it.  I just don't have a butterfly net or anything like that.

I just came up an idea- though other ideas are still welcome-... I'll let you know.  THANKS

release a predator to kill it?

If you can pull down the upper window sash, and screen that will help. Open all the windows and doors and it will eventually go. Trying to catch it will create too much stress on the bird. 
probably came in through the flue.

Apollo_T said:

We have a small bird- possibly a sparrow- trapped in our living room,  We'd like to catch and release.  Any help will  be greatly appreciated


 We once found a parakeet in our yard. A bedsheet thrown over her allowed us to gently catch her. We then had her for 8 more years. If he lands somewhere safe, it is worth a try.

We had a bumblebee in the laundry room.  Not the same as a bird, but as someone above mentioned opening the top sash of the window worked because they tend to go high and won’t realize the bottom of the window is open.


Following morning I used Dave's idea of opening a bottom sash and darkening the others.0  I also put some sesame seeds and water on the sill.  I don't know how it took but the bird seems to have disappeared in no time.

Thanks again fgor your time

Many moons ago as children, my sister and I were visiting relatives and there was a bat in the house. We walked around waving tennis racquets (believe me, I would have passed out in fright before I took aim) all evening, then 6 of us slept in the only (not large!) bedroom that had an attached bath. Scariest part? Bat was never found. We assumed he got out the way he came in, but never knew for sure. 

I once shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got into my pajamas I'll never know. - Groucho

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